Garage Door Tracks

Garage Door Tracks in Rowlett, TX.

garage door tracks - rowlett garage doorGarage door openers have made our lives easier and safer but that doesn’t mean they are without faults. There are times when our garage door openers become really noisy. It is really annoying when you could hear the rattle, grinding, and bouncing metal sounds of your garage doors from the living room. This is also a clear indication that you needed repair for your garage door tracks.

What Are Garage Door Tracks?

Garage door tracks guides the rollers which enable smooth travel of the garage door. Any misalignment in the garage door track can lead to a noisy experience every time you open or close your garage door. It can also damage the door further. In addition to the irritatingly loud noise, having poorly aligned or broken garage door tracks can burn out the motor in the opener.

What Causes Garage Door Tracks to Fail?

Many things can cause garage door tracks to not function properly. The most common failure is caused by a different garage door component. Below are the common ways your garage door tracks can fail.

  •       Broken cables
  •       Poor lubrication on the rollers
  •       Lock strikers which cause subsequent splitting of the vertical track
  •       Rollers that is defaced
  •       Footings that is decayed and broken
  •       Metal rust in the track
  •       Consistent shifting of the foundation and construction materials

Professional Assessment

If your garage door is unusually loud or making strange noises, our expert technicians can determine what parts need replacing and repairs. Please call Rowlett Garage Door and Gate now to have a quick and safe service for your garage door.

Garage Door Services Offered:

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  •       Springs
  •       Panels
  •       Replacement Parts
  •       Tracks
  •       High-End Openers
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